Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles. Philosophising with 3 to 12 years old children in Estonia Egle Säre, Estonia Understanding sustainability: between renewable resource and linguistic puzzle Jerzy Sleszynski, Poland Gaia School Marit Otsing, Estonia
Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles. Teaching-learning divide in education for sustainable development and a way out Maie Kiisel, Estonia LYKE–network helping Finnish schools with their ESD Niina Mykrä and Jenni Skaffari, Finland The Mission Wolfgang Brunner, Sweden
Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles. From sustainable design to sustainable implementation: knowledge supply chains for a green economy Tove Holm, Finland Finnish and Swedish ninth graders’ perceptions of climate change Linda Degerman, Finland Integrating sustainable practices for daily life into curriculum - Wroclaw Univeristy of Environmental and Life Sciences case study Katarzyna Sabura, Poland
Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles. Joanna T. Storie, Latvia Dare to dream?: Role of inspiration and participation in moving towards a more hopeful future in landscape governance Hanniina Manner, Finland Shadow play and animation as methods for ESD with 5-9th graders Özgül Keleş, Turkey Creative Drama in the Teaching of Education for Sustainable Development: Sustainability and Sustainable Production Activity Marianne Lind, Estonia Teaching education for sustainability - experiences from the University of Tartu
Väärtused ja eetika säästvat arengut toetavas hariduses. Dr Robbie Nicol, Scotland What's love got to do with it? Probably everything Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori, Finland Environmental responsibility as an issue in social school subjects Franz X. Bogner, Germany The 2-MEV model:15 years of monitoring green attitudes and values Taive Särg, Estonia To use the experience of traditional culture for teaching sustainable development