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Mari Kala

Edumus School offers high school students useful elective courses taught by professionals in their field. Register here for the circular economy course, where you can learn about:

  1. What is the difference between linear and circular economies, and how does it affect us all?
  2. What type of collective changes can we make to help achieve sustainability?
  3. How can we use design and creativity to create a more sustainable future?

This class will help young adults to understand the current economic system, the linear model of production and consumption, and create critical new approaches to it using design tools and systems thinking methodology. These skills and tools will help them with their future career decision and also support them in addressing any complex social and environmental issues that the world faces at the moment and in the future.

The course will take place from 18th of January until 19th of April and is taught by Katerina Chantzi.

Katerina works as a project manager at Cleantech Estonia and she is a social scientist with expertise in education for sustainable development. She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Policy from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Greece and her Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Tallinn University. She is working in education for 8 years in Greece, Estonia, Denmark, and Malawi and has organized several workshops, lectures, community events, and webinars about climate change, environmental protection, and sustainable living through her social enterprise BinFree.