Chest of senses
Aivo Kallas

The chest of senses is a hemispherical case designed to teach children and adults with visual and hearing impairments* to the nature of forests, bogs and coastal areas. The case contains a set of elements found in nature. These elements can be discovered and experienced by children together with the instructor or teacher. It gives students the opportunity to discover natural textures, sounds, smells and draw connections between the objects.

Tactile pictures of nature with interesting facts and QR codes for hearing sound and seeing the information in sign language. The contents of the case have been created in collaboration with naturalist Arne Ader, who travelled through three selected environments and compiled an overview of the plants, soils and animals actually found in Estonian nature.

In addition, a comprehensive methodological guide was created for the instructors and teachers, which explains the contents of the case and shows different ways to bring the contents to the students. The case can be used in active learning activities both in the classroom and outdoors, for example on a hiking trail. 

Teaching aids in Estonian 8 sets and in English 2 sets. The methodological guide of the study tool has also been translated into Latvian and Finnish. The tool can also be used by regular users. 

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* The English version does not have sign language videos.


The project is being implemented with support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020. Project CB786 “Nature Access to All (NatAc)”, European Regional Development Fund.
Working group: Peep Jürmann, Arne Ader, Margit Mõttus, Eero Ehala, Kairi Ilmets, Raili Loit, Eveli Valk, Kaarel Vahtramäe, Alan Reiss, Jaak Peep, Anastassia Tšepaikina, Sandra Goroško, Nele Volbrück, Mart Lankots, Pärtel Vurma, Joosep Sepp, Helen Kask, Margit Turb, Kalle Kõllamaa, Reet Kristian, Elo Raspel, Piret Eensoo, Nele Sõber, Maris Kivistik, Helen Kivisild, Krista Kingumets, Enri Uusna, Ilona Lepik, Kaja Lotman, Liisa Kallam
Editor: Ann Marvet
Translations: Viipekeeletõlkide OÜ, Luisa Tõlkebüroo OÜ
Photos: Arne Ader, Ingmar Muusikus (badger), Valeri Štšerbatõh (wolf), Tiit Hunt (bladder wrack), Kaarel Kaisel (golden jackal)
Contractor: Velvet OÜ
Copyright: The Environmental Board
Funding: The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 of the European Regional Development Fund ( and the Environmental Investment Centre (




1-3 kl I school level
4-6 kl II school level
7-9 kl III school level

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Environmental Board of Estonia 2020


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