Vaibla Ringing Station
Loorvõrkude kontrollimine Vaibla Linnujaamas

Vaibla Ringing Station operates mainly in summer (July and August), occasionally later in autumn, too. 

Visitors and volunteers participate in everyday activities and thus develop their practical skills. Program includes:

• introduction to Estonian birds,

• basics of ringing and mistnetting,

• identification and measuring practice,

• safety of birds.


Vaibla Linnujaam, Vaibla küla, Viljandimaa 70314
Viljandimaa 70314

+372 503 9306

58.405274625818, 26.0758382

Founded in 1987, Vaibla Ringing Station is the only inland bird station in Estonia at the present time. Vaibla Ringing Station has been run entirely by volunteers. Practising under supervision of experienced ringers has brought a lot of students closer to science and nature and often leading to career in research and environment protection. Along with popularization, Station contributes scientific data to researchers.

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